Welcome Wall Barra Welcome Wall Barra

Located at the Cooktown Events Centre, the ‘Welcome Wall Barra’ is a public art piece created by the community.

Designed by local artist Lea Ambrum-Stephens, the Barra’s scales were painted at community workshops in Cooktown, Bloomfield, Coen, Lakeland, Laura, Rossville, Hope Vale and Wujal Wujal. The theme of the work is “why we love it up here?” The tail and head were carved by Mark Berg and Gary McClelland, and the slumped glass eye created by Kim Fowler.

You can see the individual scales and each artists’ response to the theme in this downloadable booklet.

Opened in August 2012, the Welcome Wall Barra project was a partnership between the Regional Arts Fund, Cook Shire Council and the Regional Arts Development Fund. Project management and artistic direction by Waratah Nicholls, scale design by Michael Shay, fins and waves by Cape York Engineering and installation by MTC Builders.