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2016 Cook Shire Business Survey open now

Since 2013 Cook Shire Council has conducted an annual survey to better understand the local business community and their diverse needs. The Cook Shire Business Survey aims to identify a number of key areas for development, such as the need for staff training within different organisations and attracting more people to the region. All Cook Shire based businesses, community groups, clubs and sporting organisations have been asked to complete the short survey, and a report outlining the survey data will be released soon.

2015 Cook Shire Business Survey

More than 90 businesses across Cook Shire responded to the 2015 Cook Shire Business Survey, which has collated information from local business operators for the past three years. The Business Survey is one of Council's key tools to help measure business confidence, identify barriers and opportunities for local businesses and develop strategies to address those issues, as identified in Council's Economic Development Plan. The survey contained questions about business operations, skills and training, marketing and promotion and industry development. The data has been compiled into a report, available below, which provides a wealth of information to help Council deliver the most appropriate development and growth for the region as well as identify key challenges and opportunities facing local business.

2015 Cook Shire Business Survey Report

For more information contact Council's Economic Development and Community Services team on 07 4069 5444 or email