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Council Public Policies and Guidelines


Advertising Expenditure Policy
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
Allowing Discount on Land Rates Payment Policy
Arts and Culture Policy
Asset Disposal Policy
Asset Management Policy
Benefits and Gifts Policy 
Bonding of Operational Works Policy
Code of Conduct
Community Engagement Policy
Community Grants and Support Program Policy
Community Grants and Support Program Guidelines 
Competitive Neutrality Complaint Management Policy
Complaints Management Process Policy
Complaints Management Process Policy - Appendix A - Complaint Process
Concession for Concealed Leaks Policy
Confidential Information Policy
Corporate Credit Card Policy
Councillor Investigation Policy
Councillors Reimbursement and Remuneration Policy
Council Pensioner Rebate Subsidy Scheme Policy
Cross-over Access Policy
Debt Policy
Debt Recovery Policy
Drinking Water Quality Policy
Entertainment and Hospitality Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Financial Hardship Policy
Firearms Policy
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy
Management of Fraud and Corruption Policy
Home Dialysis Concession Policy
Impounding of Livestock Policy
Internal Audit Policy
Investment Policy
Land and Asset Donation Policy
Leasing Policy
Limits to Works on Council Roads Policy
Media Policy
Motor Vehicle Policy
Non Current Assets Policy
Plaques, Memorials and Monuments Policy
Procurement Policy
Procurement Frameworks
Procurement Guidelines
Public Art Policy
Public Interest Disclosure Policy
Rate Based Financial Assistance for Charitable Organisations Policy
Related Party Disclosure Policy
Revenue Policy
Risk Management Policy
Risk Management Frameworks
Section 48A - Complaints about Council Officers Policy
Social Media Policy
Trade Waste Policy
Various Roads Policy
Volunteer Policy

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