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Councillor Conduct and Administrative Complaints


Chapter 6, Part 2, Division 6 of the Local Government Act 2009 (the Act) deals with the performance and conduct of elected representatives (councillors). Section 181A of the Act requires that the Chief Executive Officer make available to the public a written record that details the outcome of any written complaint made about a councillor's performance or an allegation of misconduct: 



There are no allegations of misconduct or complaints as dealt with under Chapter 6 of the Act for the year 2013/2014. 


Section 268 of the Act prescribes how a local authority must handle 'administrative action complaints'. Council actions administrative action complaints under its General Complaints Policy (click here). An administrative action complaint is a complaint that is about an administrative action of a local government and includes (for example):


  1. a decision, or a failure to make a decision, including a failure to provide a written statement of reasons for a decision;
  2. an act, or a failure to do an act;
  3. the formulation of a proposal or intention; and
  4. the making of a recommendation.


The Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009 prevents Council from disclosing information pertaining to administrative action complaints lodged, investigated, determined and escalated.