Major Projects Major Projects

Cook Shire Council is committed to providing quality services and infrastructure upgrades to support a growing population and to attract investment into the region. Regionally significant projects are designed to accelerate growth into existing and new businesses, support the sustainability of the region and strengthen the long term prosperity of the local community. Regionally significant projects which Cook Shire are working on include:

Cooktown Airport Development

Project Overview

Cook Shire Council has committed to developing the aviation industry in Cooktown with the long term goal of developing the Cooktown Airport and associated Aviation Park into a regionally significant aviation precinct servicing Cape York and the Asia Pacific region. The preparation of a Development Master Plan for Cooktown Airport is required to meet the needs of Council in providing a guidance document that will achieve Council's long term goal in that it will provide a direction for the aerodrome in terms of future infrastructure development and cost recovery, these being balanced against the economic and social requirements and aspirations of the local community.

Strategic Objectives

The purpose of the Master Plan is to establish a framework for the future planning and development of Cooktown Airport to ensure Council achieves its strategic objectives and capitalises on the aeronautical and commercial opportunities provided by the airport. A key aspect of the Master Plan will be the upgrading of the aerodrome as a code 3C airport and to protect this rating during the airport's and associated industrial estate's expansion.

A copy of the Master Plan can be downloaded here.

Lakeland Solar and Storage Project

The Lakeland Solar and Storage Project is not only an Australian first, but a world first, in integrating large scale solar energy and storage into a fringe of grid location at Lakeland. Conergy Australia is the project developer, EPC contractor and owner of this extremely important project. It has taken over two years to come to fruition, with initial construction works commencing in early September 2016. This 13MW solar photovoltaic farm, plus a 1.4MW/5.32MWh energy storage system project, located on the fringe of the Australian National Electricity Market, will utilise between 40-50 construction and specialiast trade workers during construction, which is anticipated to take nine months. The Lakeland Solar and Storage Project creates a leadership position for Australia and Queensland in establishing technology research and key learnings with building a reputation for innovation in the global renewable energy sector.