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Adopt a Pet

Local animals looking for a forever home

If you’re thinking of bringing a new dog or cat into your home, adoption is a very rewarding and environmentally conscious option. You have the opportunity to save a life and give a deserving animal a new forever home, and many animals who have had a rough start to life will end up as the most loving and appreciative pets.

If you would like any further information on any of the animals listed for adoption on this page, please contact Council's Animal Control team by phone on 4069 5444 or

Pets available for adoption

cat black

Twix is an adult female who is extremely good natured and handle-able, and will tolerate all sorts of indignities including having her paws looked at. Not much fazes this pretty little girl, as long as she has a comfortable place to sit and some love and attention.

Brindle cat

Jellybean has a stunning tortoiseshell coat, with distinctive markings on her back feet, and one adorable white whisker. She is an adult female who is also very, very friendly and calm. Give her a little attention and she will be purring like a freight train in no time.

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