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Roadside Weed Spraying

Check out what roadside weed projects are happening.

Council’s roadside weed spraying for the 2016/2017 season has been completed. 

Priorities for last season included a further reduction in the density of rubber vine found on the Mulligan Highway and southern Peninsula Development Road (PDR), extension of the buffer established to reduce the risk of gamba grass spread from the northern PDR across York Downs Station and follow up works on designated weeds located in areas associated with a high volumes of traffic.

Please be advised that Council welcomes any input from community members as to the location of weeds or areas of particular concern. Biosecurity Services will treat all reports of infestations seriously and endeavour to incorporate these areas into the program schedule. 

Should you wish to obtain more information regarding the roadside weed spraying program or nominate an area of concern for next year’s program please contact Council's Biosecurity Services team on (07) 4069 5444 or

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