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Spray Unit Loan Program

To assist landholders with the management of weeds Cook Shire Council have in place a Quik Spray loan program. At present Council have two units available for loan free of charge, the first with a 600 litre tank capacity and the second 400 litres. The capacity and efficiency of these units will enable landholders to treat large areas while saving time and making a positive contribution to weed management, enhancing environmental outcomes and in many cases helping adjoining properties.

Register your interest

To register interest landholders are required to first complete a Quik Spray unit loan agreement form and submit by or in person.

Once submitted the landholder's details will be placed on a waiting list and contact will be made as soon as a unit is available for loan. At pick-up the landholder will be required to undergo a short induction in which use of the unit will be demonstrated.

Spay Unit Loan Conditions

  • the landholder is responsible for transport of the unit to and from the Council depot
  • loans are for a maximum 10 days only
  • a $250 bond is payable prior to use (credit card pre-authorisations are acceptable)
  • each unit must be returned in the condition it is loaned, including with a full tank of unleaded fuel
  • basic details of the units use must be recorded on the treatment record sheet as supplied

Note: The Quik Spray units measure approximately 2100 mm in length by 1510 mm in width and will require an adequately sized truck or trailer for pick up.

For a full list of the terms and conditions please consult the Quik Spray unit loan agreement form. For further information regarding the Quik Spray loan program please contact Biosecurity Services on (07) 4069 5444.

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