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FAQs Community Plan Cook Shire 2031

A quick reference for all your frequently asked questions about community plans, the process and how you can be involved.

Q. What is a community plan?
A. A community plan is a high level plan that identifies community needs and articulates the long-term vision, aspirations and priorities for the community.

Q. What is the purpose of a community plan?
A. A community plan is designed to:

  • To identify and document the community’s aspirations
  • To inform Council decision-making to ensure the corporate activities of
  • Council best serve the community
  • To provide strategic guidance for Federal and State agencies servicing
  • the Shire

Q. Do we have to have a community plan?
A. No, it is not mandatory, however Council have made it a priority as part of the 2020/2021 Operational Plan initiatives

Q. How long is it for?
A. The plan is for ten years (2021-2031)

Q. How long will it take to develop the plan?
A. Six months. The final plan will be adopted by council in March 2021.

Q. What does the plan cover?
A. The plan will cover all community issues, not just those that are the business of council. It will outline the priorities and themes for the Cook Shire community for the next ten years.

Q. Will the issues in my area be included?
A. A broad cross-section of the community and townships will be consulted with to ensure the new plan is inclusive and representative of the whole Shire. Cook Shire is using a place based planning approach to ensure the vision, aspirations and issues of each area are reflected in the plan.

Q. What about all the other plans?
A The community plan will be the key driver for the five year corporate plan and will also influence Council’s annual Operational Plan and Budget.

Q. How can the community be involved?
A. Community connect events and engagement activities are being held in Lakeland, Laura, Coen, Portland Roads, Bloomfield, Rossville, Cooktown and Marton. People who are unable to attend activities in person can contribute via an online survey, mail, telephone, or email.

Q. Who can be involved?
A. All members of the community are invited to participate and take ownership of the plan. This is a community plan, not a Council plan. Active participation in the community connect events is encouraged!

Q. When can the community be involved?
A. Initial community connect events will take place between 14 September – 20 October 2020, with the online survey open until 13 November 2020. A second round of community consultation will occur in January/February 2021.

Q. Where can I find out more information and updates on the community plan?
A. Community plan updates will be published on the Cook Shire Council website and Facebook page. Cook Shire councillors are champions of the community plan and their contact details and those of the community plan coordinator are available from the council office or website. 

Download your copy of the FAQs here.

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