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We're developing our new Corporate Plan – and we want to hear from you!
In the next five years, what can make the biggest difference in Cook Shire and how can Council best serve the community?

These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves in developing our draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027.

 Under legislation, we must adopt a Corporate Plan every five years and we use this as an opportunity to ensure we are on track as an organisation in how we are serving our community. That’s why we want to hear from you.

What does a Corporate Plan do?

As with the current Corporate Plan 2017-2022, the new Corporate Plan will:

  • guide how Council prioritises and delivers services, programs and facilities to our community over the next five years
  • influence Council’s annual budget and Operational Plan.

What’s changing?

In this plan, we’re focusing on the outcomes that will make the biggest transformation for Cook Shire Council in the medium term – from the environment, through to the economy, our Community and our organisation.

Does the new Plan reflect the community’s vision for Cook Shire Council?

This is our first Corporate Plan under the Cook Shire Council 2031 Community Plan, and again reflects the six outcome areas our community identified as being most important:

  • Places for People
  • Wellbeing and Empowerment
  • Accessibility and Connectivity
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Organisational Capability

Where are we at in the process?

Council has endorsed the draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027 for community consultation. The draft was created through extensive engagement with Council staff and a range of community groups.

Now it’s your turn to have your say on the document that will guide Council’s decision-making for the next five years.

Feedback closes on 8 April 2022, with Council expected to consider the final draft for adoption at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 26 April 2022.

Below is a snapshot of our draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027 that outlines the themes and the outcomes we’re proposing in the draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027. For more details on how Council plans to measure our progress and achieve these outcomes, please view the Draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027.

Creation of relaxed, welcoming and liveable places and spaces for all


PLA 1:
Advocate with the State and Federal Government for resolution of land tenure constraints impacting on Cape York Peninsula.

PLA 2:
Advocate with key stakeholders for the growing residential population to be provided with access to diverse, affordable and accessible lifestyle housing options.

PLA 3:
Increase native planting and urban canopy in the public realm including tree planting in road reserves, verges, garden and strategic greening of the Shire’s assets

PLA 4:
Adopt a place-based approach to development in our town centres and gathering places to increase activation, improve wayfinding and create inviting and attractive destination for all members of the community.

Development of a resilient, healthy and compassionate Shire, united in community pride.

WEL 1:
Support communities across the Shire to become more resilient, self-sufficient and sustainable, with a continued focus on genuine regional collaboration.

WEL 2:
Facilitate and advocate for the provision of regional education facilities delivering a wide range of tertiary and vocational stud and training opportunities

WEL 3:
Advocate for a full-range of regional health services providing our communities with ‘whole of life’ care.

WEL 4:
Support, acknowledge and celebrate Indigenous cultural heritage and history, and foster the development of productive partnerships with Indigenous people and groups across the shire.

A growing Shire that supports active, connected and mobile communities

ACC 1:
Preserve access to the range of natural areas throughout our region and balance the conservation of natural values with our lifestyle expectations.

ACC 2:
Encourage the development of partnerships to promote investment in state-of-the-art and efficient telecommunication services that meet the growing needs of our region.

ACC 3:
Advocate for efficient, effective and sustainable freight links across the shire to provide flexible and cost effective solutions for industry.

ACC 4:
Support active transport to enhance walking and cycling in Cook Shire and ensure our pedestrian and cyclist networks are well-designed, safe, accessible and encourage increased use.

A sustainable, diverse and innovative economy that attracts investment and provides local employment all year round.

ECO 1:
Improve investor confidence and foster a ‘can do’ attitude that encourages investment and assists business to develop, with a focus on emerging industries.

ECO 2:
Adopt land use, transport and infrastructure planning methodologies which encourage and facilitate public and private sector investment and development

ECO 3:
Advocate for a sustainable, viable and active waterfront in Cooktown

To be recognised as a leader in environmental management, enhancing and sustainably managing local natural areas and resources.

ENV 1:
Encourage investment in alternative energy and water efficiency initiatives, including consideration of emerging technologies

ENV 2:
Manage proactively invasive plants and animals to protect the Shire’s natural environment

ENV 3:
Encourage residents to reduce, reuse, re-purpose, re-gift and recycle waste

To be recognised as a leader in environmental management, enhancing and sustainably managing local natural areas and resources.

ORG 1:
Focus on collaborative projects that add value to the Shire’s economic, social and environmental outcomes

ORG 2:
Plan and manage the Shire’s resources and assets in an efficient and sustainable manner.

ORG 3:
Adopt a financially intelligent approach to financial business management which is underpinned by a culture of cost management, best value and strategic financial analyses

Where can I read the full draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027?

You can read the full draft Corporate Plan by clicking here. Copies are also available at Council Libraries and Council Chambers.

Other relevant policies and documents include:

How can I have my say?

  1. Provide your comments through the online survey
  2. Complete a printed comment form, available at the Customer Service Centre and Libraries
  3. Email your thoughts to
  4. Write to Cook Shire Council, PO Box 3, Cooktown, Qld 4895
Feedback by any of the above methods must be received before 5pm Friday 8 April 2022 for consideration.

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