Get Cosmological

Cook Shire Council, with the support of Arts Queensland, is proud to present NQ Starshine and Full Throttle Theatre Company's production of Cosmological at a series of FREE community theatre events being held across the Shire this October.

Coming to a 'galaxy' near you this October, Cosmological! 

Cosmological is a 45-minute live theatre performance that follows Galileo Galilei as he travels through time - and space - chatting with characters from across the ages. Attendees will then have the chance to view some of the local interstellar characters - stars, planets, and constellations - through large, computer-controlled professional telescopes, aimed directly at them as they sparkle in our FNQ skies. 

No need for booking, simply bring your own chairs and a picnic blanket to the nearest location to you, on the date below, then sit back and enjoy the show. 

Cosmological in Cook Shire Free Community Event

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