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Swimming Pools

Pool owners - what you need to know

All pool fences and barriers must comply with current pool safety laws. Pools are any permanent or temporary structure used for aquatic activity which:

  • Can be filled to a depth of 300mm;
  • Has a volume of 2000L or more; and/or
  • Has a filtration system.

If your pool meets one or more of the above criteria, it is a swimming pool and you will need to:

  • obtain a building approval before erecting or installing the pool; 
  • obtain a Pool Safety Certificate from a licensed building certifier stating that the pool and the pool barrier comply with the pool safety standard before filling the pool with more than 300 millimetres of water; and 
  • ensure the pool is included on the pool safety register

Pool Safety Certificates

All pools must be registered with the Pool Safety Council and have a current Pool Safety Certificate.

Owners of properties with swimming pools are responsible for compliance with the pool safety standards. If you are the tenant of a property that has a pool fence, you are required to keep the pool gate/s closed and not place objects adjacent to the fence which might compromise its effectiveness in acting as a safety barrier. If you are unsure if your pool is registered or if it has a current Pool Safety Certificate, you can check the Pool Safety Register on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission's website.

How to get a Pool Safety Certificate 

Cook Shire Council can provide a pool safety inspection if your pool does not have a current Pool Safety Certificate.

Information about making a booking and the inspection charges (if applicable) can be obtained from Council's Department of Organisational Business Services. 

More information

The Queensland Government's Guidelines for Pool Owners and Property Owners which include more information on your requirements as a pool or property owner. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission also has a quick and easy interactive pool compliance checklist available online here

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