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Right to Information and Information Privacy

Right to Information (formerly Freedom of Information)

New Queensland legislation has been introduced to encourage greater access to information about Council.
This legislation incorporates the following Acts:
  • Right to Information Act 2009
  • Information Privacy Act 2009
This legislation replaces the Freedom of Information Act 1992, and is effective from 1 July 2009.
The Right to Information Act 2009 provides access to government information unless, on balance, it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information. The Act is complemented by the Information Privacy Act 2009 which establishes a right to access and to amend personal information.
More information about Right to Information or Information Privacy can be found on the Queensland Government's website.

How to make an Application

Complete an application using RTI IP Access Application Form

Lodge your application in person at Council's Administration Building or by mail, Chief Executive Officer, Cook Shire Council (PO Box 3 Cooktown QLD 4895). 

For more information on lodging an application go to the Queensland Government's Right to Information website.

If you have any enquires in relation to Right for Information please contact our Council. 

Right to Information Disclosure Log

Whilst, under the Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 Cook Shire Council is not required to maintain a Disclosure Log, Council does publish statistics with reference to Right to Information Applications received and processed in 'In Focus', a quarterly information magazine published and made available on Council's website.

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