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Local Laws

Local Laws govern most of Council's roles and responsibilities including parking, animal control, overgrown allotments and illegal camping.

Animal Management

Council is responsible for domestic animal and livestock management in Cook Shire, including pet registration and microchipping, dangerous dog complaints, wandering livestock, dog adoption and the pound. For more information, visit our animal management page.

Parking and illegal camping

Marked parking bays are located within the Cooktown central business district to improve traffic flow, access to businesses and availability of parking for the disabled. Parking patrols are undertaken to check compliance, in particular compliance with disabled parking. Non-compliance with parking local laws can result in a fine of up to $260. For more information, see Local Law No 5.

Camping is not permitted on any land under Council's control, such as parks, reserves, roadsides and the Cooktown waterfront precinct. Council conducts regular patrols to check compliance, and fines of up to $260 can be issued on the spot. For more information, see Local Law No 1. Council provides an RV Rest Area off Racecourse Road, available for a maximum three night stay to fully self contained vehicles. For more information on our RV Rest Area and other places to stay, visit the Cooktown and Cape York website.

Overgrown and unsightly properties

An overgrown or untidy property is unsightly and a danger to neighbours and the community. All residents have a responsibility to keep their properties neat and tidy to improve the appearance of our communities, remove places for vermin to breed, reduce health risks and potential fire hazards. Where a property owner has been notified by Council to undertake work to tidy their property, and have failed to do so, Council may perform the work on their behalf and the property owner will be liable for charges. For more information, see Local Law No 3. Many items are free to dispose of at Cook Shire waste transfer stations - visit our waste management page for more information.



Application for approval to operate a market stall in Council controlled areas.

This application is used to apply for approvals to operate a market stall in a local government-controlled area such as a park, roadside, sporting oval or community hall. A Food Business License is also required if food will be sold from the market stall.

This application covers the following: 

  • New permit (one year)
  • Temporary permit (one day)


Application for approval to conduct a public place activity. 

This application is used to apply for approvals to conduct the following activities in a local government controlled area:

  • film and television production activities for which a development application is not required under the local government’s planning scheme;
  • an invitation only ceremony, party or celebration attended by more than 50 people;
  • a  car  wash, school  fete or  similar  fundraiser  held  on  no more than 1 day;
  • a training event held on no more than one day;
  • a training event held on more than one day without payment of a fee;
  • a display, demonstration or information booth; and
  • a right of occupation and use of a specified part  of a park or reserve by a sporting association.


Application for approval to display an advertising device. 

This application is used to apply for approvals to install, erect or display an advertisement or sign that is visible from the road or other public place. Approval is not required for advertisement that is regulated under the Cook Shire planning scheme.

This application covers the following:

  • New licence


Application for approval for Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Area. 

This application is used to apply for approvals to conduct a commercial activity that is not a public place activity, market stall, outdoor dining or temporary entertainment event as described on this page.

This application covers the following:

  • New licence

Local Laws

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