Vegetation Clearing Requirements
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Vegetation Clearing Requirements

Who to contact when clearing your lot.

In order to understand if vegetation clearing is allowed on your site, please contact the Department of Resources which is responsible for regulating the clearing of native vegetation in Queensland.

Clearing is generally allowed for the purposes of constructing a dwelling, creating or maintaining firebreaks and gaining site access, however, it is advised that for specific advice on clearing your lot, that you contact the Department, either by: 

  • calling 135VEG (13 58 34) from 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
  • emailing or
  • booking a call or face-to-face meeting to speak with a vegetation management staff member by clicking here

You can also request a vegetation map or property report here.

It is also advisable that you notify the Department of clearing activities before they occur. You can do this online here.

ABN: 45 425 085 688

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Mail: PO Box 3 Cooktown, Qld 4895


Phone: (07) 4082 0500

Fax: (07) 4082 0588

Hours: 8.45am-4.45pm Monday to Friday