Disaster Management
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Disaster Management


Queensland's disaster management features groups at the State, District and Local level. The Cook Shire Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is ideally placed to provide specific disaster management at the community level given members' knowledge and understanding of local social, environmental and economic issues. The Cook Shire LDMG is made up of emergency and government service agencies, including Cook Shire Council, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. For more information on the Cook Shire LDMG, including the Cook Shire Local Disaster Management Plan, click here.


For up to date information in the case of an emergency event please click on the image below to visit Cook Shire Council's Emergency Management Dashboard

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  1. Understand your Risk
  2. Prepare your Household Emergency Plan
  3. Prepare your Emergency Kit and Evacuation Kit
  4. Tune into warnings and STAY INFORMED


In the event of a disaster, staying informed is vital:


The best place to be during a disaster is in your own home or the home of a friend or family member. Choosing to shelter in a designated place of refuge should be an option of last resort. The Cook Shire Place of Refuge is located at the PCYC Cooktown Events Centre, 3 May Street.

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