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Tenders and Contracts

Current tenders and submissions

Disclosure of contracts over $200,000

More Information

Under the Local Government Act, Council is required to put contracts worth more than $200,000 out to tender.

Due to Cook Shire's commitment to open and effective competition, we will regularly call for tenders on projects of lesser value to ensure the best contractor is sourced, locally where possible.

Council strongly supports suppliers who reside within the Shire and is prepared to give due consideration where supply is offered, quality is commensurate with other suppliers and price is realistic after delivery is accounted for.  A 10% weighting is given for enhancement of local business and industry.

Local contractor register

Local contractors are invited to increase the visibility of their goods and services to Council buyers by registering on Council’s VendorPanel Marketplace.  

The system provides local contractors with improved access to Council opportunities, while improving purchasing governance and transparency within Council.

The features of this electronic service for your business are:

Free access to local government quotes and tenders

  • Fast downloading of Council tender documents; and
  • Easy uploading of responses to Council’s requests

To register your business visit the VendorPanel Marketplace registration page, select your business category and enter some details – please make sure to select as many categories as necessary to adequately register your area of expertise. You will then be sent an invitation to join VendorPanel Marketplace and complete your profile to complete the process. For more information, contact

Electronic tender submissions

Cook Shire Council has moved from LG Tender box to Vendor Panel for the release of all tenders, providing a one stop electronic portal for interested Tenderers, Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants.

Submissions in response to tenders will be via the Vendor Panel portal and only on certain circumstances, will Tenderers be allowed to submit in hard copy to the tender box located at the Council Administration building. In those instances, tender documentation will clearly allow for hard copies otherwise ONLY electronic copies will be accepted.   

If you have already registered your business on the VendorPanel Marketplace registration page you will not need to register again, however, if you have not, tenders are posted to VendorPanel public tenders. For more information, contact 


  • Tenders will be subject to the Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009.
  • All information submitted in a tender, inclusive of pricing, may be publicised through the minuting of meetings hosted by the Council.  Where a tender does not go to Council that same information may be released at the discretion of the Council.
  • In compliance with legislative requirements, Council is required to publish details of all contracts over $200,000 on its website and in the customer service area. 

Terms and conditions

These are Council’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services. Council may incorporate these Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services into a contract with a supplier. However, the Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services will not apply to any engagement for which Council has provided a written contract incorporating alternative terms and conditions to the supplier.

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