Cooktown Safety Camera Network
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Cooktown Safety Camera Network

Council is dedicated to creating a region that promotes community safety and positive community relations. Our Safety Camera Network is creating a safer environment for those who live, work and visit Cooktown.

In November 2020, in order to enhance public safety and security and to help police detect, prevent, identify and prosecute criminal activity, Cook Shire Council in partnership with the Queensland Police Service (QPS), installed a total of seven closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras (including two licence plate recognition cameras) across three key areas identified by the Cooktown Police:

  • The Roundabout at Charlotte Street/Harrigan Street/Boundary Street
    • 3 x dome cameras
  • The intersection of Charlotte Street and Racecourse Road
    • 1 x dome camera
    • 1 x licence plate recognition camera
  • The intersection of Hope Street and Racecourse Road
    • 1 x dome camera
    • 1 x licence plate recognition camera

Since then, in the interests of addressing the needs and concerns of our growing community and supporting the police and other agencies to maintain public safety, our Safety Camera Network has been expanded and improved.  

Cameras have been strategically placed in areas where anti-social behaviour and criminal activity have been known to occur, including:

  • John Street Oval and toilet blocks
  • Cook Shire Council Main Administration Building
  • Cooktown Library

Our Safety Camera network is focused on facilitating the following:

  • Enhanced employee and public safety 
  • Deterring crime, criminal damage and public disorder
  • Assisting with the identification and prosecution of offenders
  • Assisting with the identification of traffic management issues
  • Assisting with monitoring, providing greater protection and enhancing operational performance of the Council facilities, assets, plant and equipment
  • Allowing for real-time monitoring and subsequent review of customers/visitors at Council facilities
  • Assisting emergency services agencies

Privacy protections

The CCTV system operates under strict guidelines and the tightest privacy controls have been put in place to balance crime prevention needs and the right to individual privacy, which limits the scope of the safety camera program to crimes against the person, serious crimes and crowd management.

In accordance with state and federal Information Privacy Principles and the Queensland Public Records Act 2002, the recorded images will only be used and/or disclosed for law enforcement or other lawful purposes.

Camera recordings are retained by Council in accordance with legislated requirements and may be accessed by QPS to help police with their investigations and legal proceedings as required. All recorded images that are not part of any ongoing police investigation or court proceeding, or not required for any other lawful reason, will be retained and disposed of in accordance with the Public Records Act 2002.

CCTV camera areas are clearly sign-posted to prevent crime, increase the perception of public safety and to make people aware for privacy reasons.

Download a copy of Council's CCTV Policy here

For emergencies call 000

For police attendance call Cooktown Police on (07) 4069 5688

General queries should be directed to the Cook Shire Council between 8:45am – 4:45pm Monday to Friday on (07) 4082 0500

QPS has a wide range of resources to assist the community in preventing crime, including information on personal safety, vehicle security and home security.


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