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Councillor Peter Burns

I was born and grew up in Melbourne, later graduating as an Electronic Engineer from Swinburne University. After working for a while, I travelled extensively through Europe, and worked in the UK. I subsequently drove through Africa, lived and worked in Rhodesia, drove through Botswana and finally arrived in South Africa where I met my lovely wife Diana. After approximately a year of work in Melbourne on our return to Australia, we decided to embark on a trip around Australia. After our arrival in Cairns, we secured work on a mothership, later running a prawn processing barge in the Flinders Island group and the Torres Straits.

After visiting friends in Cooktown, we decided to settle here, buying a house and starting a business. During this time, we raised our two wonderful children, James and Zoe, both of whom live elsewhere. I ran my business, Cape York Electronics, successfully for 30 years, closing the door approximately three years ago. Diana and I do and always have belonged to various community groups.

I am now looking forward to the challenges of being a Councillor.

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