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Caring for Pets and Animals

When making a plan for what your household will do in the event of a cyclone or other disaster, it is important to remember to include provision for any pets. 

While residents are strongly encouraged to stay in their homes or the home of a friend or family members during a cyclone, you may feel that your house will not be safe enough to withstand the potential damaging effects.  If instructed by the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), places of refuge will be opened to provide protection for people until the cyclone has passed and it is safe to return home.

If opened as a place of refuge, the PCYC Cooktown Events Centre is large enough to be able to accommodate domestic cats and dogs under the conditions that they must be registered with Cook Shire Council and be in a secure cage at all times.  All animals will be placed in a secure area away from the general population.  Pet owners are responsible for providing adequate bedding, 48 hours of food and water, and any other essential items for their animals.

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