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Community Engagement

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Why is engagement important?

Cook Shire Council is committed to engaging with our community, in all of our service areas, believing that genuine and effective community engagement offers benefits for both Council and residents.

Genuine engagement not only enables the community to be informed about Council events, activities, projects, issues and strategic direction but also allows the community a voice to respond to these initiatives and activities.

Cook Shire Council recognises that the benefits of effective community engagement include:

  • Community awareness about Council’s services, planning and program delivery
  • Increased understanding within Council of community views and the issues that should be considered as part of the decision-making process
  • Gaining insights into the needs, priorities and diversity of the local community, which in turn ensures better Council service provision and planning
  • Community ownership of decisions made across the Shire
  • Council and the community working together to address local issues
  • Opportunities for cost savings through good project outcomes for the community and Council.

For further information about community engagement refer to our policy or contact Council's Community Services team via or phone on 4082 0500.

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