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Organisational Structure

Council has developed an organisational structure that maximises the effectiveness of service delivery to the community.

Council comprises the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Services team along with three departments:

  • Organisational Business Services 
  • Community, Economy and Innovation
  • Infrastructure Services
The Chief Executive Officer, Directors and Mayor form the Executive Leadership Team. The role of the Executive Leadership Team is to provide consultation on issues regarding Council’s strategic direction and long term planning. 
View a copy of the Organisational Structure here, or read the information below.


CEO Brian Joiner

Major projects Governance and risk
Elected member support Executive support


Director Lawrence Booth

Lawrence Booth

Tourism and Events Libraries
Community grants Senior services
Arts and culture Social housing
Sport and recreation Swimming pool
Council grants Media and marketing
Economic development


Director Heather Kelly

Heather Kelly

Administration Biosecurity
Customer service Land tenure
Finance Information technology
Insurance Leasing
Procurement Property maintenance
Public toilets Rates
Records management Local laws
Stores Environmental health
Planning Human resources
Payroll Workplace health and safety


Director Peter Tonkes

Airports Asset management
Electrical maintenance Fleet and plant management
Flood damage Footpaths
Grids and grid maintenance Landfill maintenance
Parks and gardens Private works
Rest areas Roads maintenance, construction and drainage
Roads to Recovery projects Street cleaning and lighting
Town agents Waste collection
Water supply Wastewater maintenance

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