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Trade Waste

What is Trade Waste?

Trade waste is the liquid waste generated from any industry, business, trade or manufacturing processes other than human waste, or waste that is a prohibited substance. 

All discharges must comply with the Sewer Admission Limits as set out in Council's Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan. 

Trade waste must not be discharged into Council's sewers, unless the owner of the premises from which trade waste is discharged has been granted a trade waste permit.

Trade waste released into Council's sewer system may place an increased load on Councils sewerage infrastructure and may cause:

  • A serious risk to the health and safety of water treatment staff;
  • Damage to Council's sewer system infrastructure which may involve extra costs to residential ratepayers;
  • Inhibit biological processes at councils treatment plant;
  • Accumulate biosolids rending them unusable; and
  • Pass through the plant without treatment and cause environmental contamination.

If your business discharges any waste to Council's sewer that is not specifically domestic waste, then there is a chance you are discharging trade waste to sewer and may require a permit.

Trade Waste Application

You will need to make an application for trade waste approval if you are starting a new business or operating an existing business that has undergone any change to the following:

  • Property owner, business owner, lessee.
  • Operating practices.
  • Method of trade waste disposal.

It is an offence to discharge trade waste to Council's sewer without approval.

Trade Waste Permit

If you are already registered with Council for trade waste discharging, a reminder letter and renewal form will be sent to you prior to the expiry date as per your current permit. 

A trade waste permit is valid for 12 months as indicated on your permit.

A renewal fee as per Council's Fees and Charges Schedule is required. This fee includes the cost of an inspection which will be conducted at the commencement of the permit period and as arranged with Council's Plumbing Inspector.

Contact Council's Plumbing Inspector on 07 4082 0500 for more details.

For further information on Trade Waste matters, see Council's Trade Waste Pre-Treatment Guidelines and Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan.

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