Current Development Applications on Public Notification
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Public Notification and Submissions on Development Applications

Public notification is required to be undertaken for impact assessable applications.

Click here for information on applications currently on public notification.

During the public notification period, the community can make submissions about a development application to the assessment manager (Cook Shire Council), who will consider the submission when making their decision. 

The submissions must be ‘properly made’.

A ‘properly made’ submission must:

  • Be made to the assessment manager
  • Be signed by each person who made the submission
  • Be received by Cook Shire Council during the formal public notification period
  • State the name and residential or business street address of each person who made the submission
  • State one postal or electronic address for Council to send correspondence to
  • State what aspects of the proposed development you support or oppose and why, using facts and circumstances

You may lodge a submission in one of the following ways:


Post: PO Box 3, Cooktown Qld 4895

In-Person: drop your submission into Cook Shire Council Administration Office - 10 Furneaux Street, Cooktown 

ABN: 45 425 085 688

10 Furneaux Street Cooktown, Qld 4895

Mail: PO Box 3 Cooktown, Qld 4895


Phone: (07) 4082 0500

Fax: (07) 4082 0588

Hours: 8.45am-4.45pm Monday to Friday