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Cook Shire Council unveils its 2023 MARKYT Community Scorecard report, paving the way for a comprehensive campaign that resonates with community feedback and prioritizes initiatives aligning with residents' needs.

The recently released Community Scorecard Report reflects a comprehensive assessment of community sentiments towards Council performance and services. This report, based on insights gathered from 415 participants, serves as the cornerstone for shaping Council priorities and service enhancements.

Mayor Peter Scott emphasizes the significance of this survey as a barometer of community aspirations stating, "The robust response to the survey underscores our community's unwavering commitment to shaping the future of our region."

Acknowledging areas for improvement, Mayor Scott highlights commendations in three pivotal domains: First Nations recognition, airport facilities and services, and library services, lauding their positive contributions to the region.

Conversely, the Scorecard pinpoints six primary concerns within the Cook Shire community: Access to housing, health and community services, local infrastructure like roads and bridges, community safety, youth services and facilities, and animal management.

"We're not just listening; we're taking decisive action to align with our community's desires. Our data analysis has fuelled actionable strategies addressing the top community priorities. This collaborative effort propels Cook Shire toward a future that caters to our residents' needs," Mayor Scott affirmed.

In line with this commitment, Council will roll out a 'You Said. We Did.' initiative in early 2024. This campaign aims to shape and easily identify Council projects that align to the six community priorities highlighted in the report. This branding approach reinforces Council's commitment to transparent governance and active response to community input.

The Scorecard survey was open to community members aged 14 and older, available both online and in print from 24 April to 2 June 2023. Invitations were distributed to PO Boxes in Cooktown and Coen, while online survey links were disseminated through email and Council's social media channels.

This was the first time Council undertook the MARKYT Community Scorecard process. CEO Brian Joiner expressed his intent to conduct the survey annually to ensure Council’s strategic plans consistently align with community priorities.

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