Residents of Coen are advised that due to electrical issues at the Coen Water Treatment Plant, Cook Shire Council is enforcing water restrictions on all residents and businesses in the Coen water area from today, Thursday 10 June 2021.

Level 1 restrictions are as follows:

Garden Beds / Shrubbery Areas

  • Sprinklers, micro spray and drip systems must not be used at any time
  • Hoses must not be used at any time
  • Watering cans or buckets must not be used at any time

Lawn Areas

  • Law areas must be be watered at any time

Paved areas cleaning

  • Water must not be used to clean paved areas unless cleaning is required as a result of an accident, fire, health hazard or other emergency

Moto Vehicle Cleaning

  • Water must not be used to clean vehicles unless cleaning is required for health or safety reasons. Cleaning for health and safety reasons must be undertaken using watering cans or buckets filled directly from taps can be used to clean windscreens and lights. 

Construction industry use of water

  • Unless otherwise exempted by the Authority in writing, hoses must not be used except trigger hoses.

To discuss these restrictions or obtain further details please contact Council's Water Reticulation Team Leader, Wal Welsh on 0400 525 894.

Download this notice. 

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