2021 Notices of Decision


Development Permit for a Reconfiguration of a Lot


Approval Type:DA/4363 - Reconfiguration of a Lot
Development Description   

Application for a Development Permit DA/4363 – Reconfiguring a Lot -  One (1) into Two (2) Lots and Access Easement on Lot 26 SP287489 - 7725 Mulligan Highway Lakeland and Lot 28 SP 193139 - 7769 Mulligan Highway Lakeland

Decision: Approved in full with conditions - Development Approval DA/4363
Decision Date: 24 September 2021



Planning Scheme:

Cook Shire Council Planning Scheme 2017 (v2.0, 25 November 2019)

  • Rural Zone Code
  • Reconfiguring a Lot Code
  • Works, Services & Infrastructure Code
  • Bushfire Hazard Overlay Code – Potential Impact Buffer
  • Rural Land Use Overlay
Planning Regulation 2017

The application required a referral to the State Assessment Referral Agency (SARA) under the Planning Regulation 2017

Regional Plan:  Cape York Regional Plan
State Planning Policy
(Part E):

All aspects of the State Planning Policy have been adequately reflected in the Cook Shire Council Planning Scheme 2017. Therefore assessment against the applicable Planning Scheme provisions will address any relevant State issues.


In assessing the application, Cook Shire Council had regard to the proposed new lot size of 2.95 hectares being well below the lot size requirements of Schedule 1 of the Reconfiguring a Lot Code. In the assessment of this application, consideration has been given to the proposed new lot being located within the urban expansion mapping precinct and close to services of Lakeland. This is consistent with the strategic framework for ‘Land Use Pattern’ section (5) which recognises that opportunities exist to create rural lifestyle allotments.  Further to this, the proposed development does not cause the fragmenting of good quality agricultural land (GQAL). The subdivision is therefore demonstrated to be appropriate having regard to the relevant zone, overlay and overall performance outcomes.


Cook Shire Council approved in full with conditions the application as it complied with the applicable assessment benchmarks. In particular:

  1. An assessment was made against the applicable assessment benchmarks and the proposed development demonstrated compliance.
  2. The development application material, including additional items submitted as part of the response to Further Advice Notice, confirm that the proposed allotment will be sufficiently provided with reticulated water and will have no detrimental impact on the amenity or land uses of the surrounding area.

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