2021 Notices of Decision


Development Permit for Material Change of Use


Approval Type:DA/4211 - Development Permit for Material Change of Use
Development Description   

Material Change of Use – Sports Oval and Prep Building – 12 Charles Street

Site Description:

Lot 27 C17945; Lots 1-12 RP703341; and Lot 34 SP313412 

Decision: Approved in full with conditions
Decision Date: 27 April 2021



Planning Scheme:

Cook Shire Council Planning Scheme 2017 (v2.0, 25 November 2019

  • Rural residential zone code
  • Community Facilities Zone Code
  • Biodiversity Overlay Code
  • Bushfire Hazard Overlay Code
  • Parking and Access Code
  • Works, Services and Infrastructure Code
Planning Regulation 2017

No part of the application required a referral to the State Assessment Referral Agency (SARA) under the Planning Regulation 2017.

Regional Plan:  Cape York Regional Plan
State Planning Policy
(Part E):

All aspects of the State Planning Policy have been adequately reflected in the Cook Shire Council Planning Scheme 2017. Therefore assessment against the applicable Planning Scheme provisions will address any relevant State issues.


In assessing the application, Cook Shire Council had regard to the following relevant matters:

  • The land is located in the Urban Expansion Overlay which is an area recognised for the long-term expansion of the town.
  • The development of an oval for Endeavour Christian College will see continued investment in the education sector in the Shire to enhance the school facility for the local community;
  • The development will create local employment for the necessary works;
  • The current school does not have a dedicated area for undertaking athletics activities and sports education. The proposed development will meet this real need within the school community and will also benefit the local community as a potential venue for community events hosted by the school;
  • The expansion of the school into these southern lots represents a logical progression of the school’s expansion;
  • The oval will not generate out-of-sequence infrastructure requirements or have negative impacts on surrounding land parcels or residents.


No submissions were received during the public notification period of this application.


Cook Shire Council approved in full with conditions the application as it complied with the applicable assessment benchmarks. In particular:

(a) The development of a sports oval and Prep building for the Endeavour Christian College will see continued investment in the education sector in Cook Shire and enhance the school facility for the local community;

(b) The proposed development for an Educational Establishment (Oval and Prep Building) will have no detrimental impact on the surrounding land uses.

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