Business Security Upgrade Grants
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Business Security Upgrade Grants

Protecting businesses today, securing Cook Shire's tomorrow – together, we fortify our community against evolving threats

Cook Shire Business Security Upgrade Program, is a once-off opportunity designed to empower local businesses and organisations within Cook Shire. With the aim of bolstering security measures and future-proofing operations, this initiative provides financial support for security upgrades to business premises. 

Applications open now!

Please review the Program Guidelines thoroughly before applying online.

Eligible Applicants

Any business or organisation that:

  • has a majority of members or customers based within Cook Shire; and
  • has an Australian Business Number
  • is a properly constituted not-for-profit organisation; oris a properly constituted for-profit organisation (where the intended project will not return a direct profit to the applicant); or
  • is a charitable organisation registered or sanctioned under the Collections Act 1966

Key objectives for this funding program are:

  • Encouraging businesses to implement strategies that identify and mitigate security risks through assessments and security consultations;
  • Providing opportunities for the purchase of equipment to complete premises upgrades that reduce the risk of crime and enhance the visible presence of security measures;
  • Promoting the long-term sustainability of security by updating current security measures;
  • Encourage the adoption of updated security technologies and practices to stay ahead of evolving security risks.

Key dates:

  • Tuesday, 2 April 2024 -  Applications open
  • Tuesday, 16 April 2024 - Applications close
  • Monday, 30 June 2025 - Projects must be completed

Application details:

  • Applications must be submitted on the correct form.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. 


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