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Community Grants and Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Open Now 
Community and Economic Development Grants Closed

The Community Grants and Support Program comprises of 3 funding streams:

  • Community and Economic Development Grants – up to two rounds per year, up to $5,000 per application
  • Community Sponsorship – open year round or until budget is expended, up to $5,000 per application
  • In-Kind Support – by exception only for Council staff time and internal plant hire not listed in the annual fees and charges. Please contact the Grants Team on 07 4082 0500 or to discuss


The objectives of Cook Shire Council’s Community Grants and Support Program are to provide assistance to local businesses, community groups/organisations by:

  • Encouraging and assisting in the development and upgrading of existing facilities.
  • Providing opportunities for the purchase of equipment, programs/websites that are integral to operations, sustainability and growth.
  • Supporting delivery of community events, workshops and training opportunities that strengthen and develop community identity and capacity.
  • Promoting conservation and improvement of environmental assets within the Shire.
  • Supporting opportunities for business success, economic development and economic diversity across the region through immediate, medium and long term achievements.


Applicants must be an organisation that:

  • Has a majority of members based within Cook Shire; and
  • Is a properly constituted for-proft organisation; or 
  • Is a properly constituted not-for-profit organisation; or 
  • Is a charitable organisation registered or sanctioned under the Collections Act 1966; or 
  • Is a properly constituted not-for-profit organisation acting as auspice for an individual or unincorporated group.
Full eligibility requirements are available in the guidelines document available for download below. 

How to apply

Community and Economic Development  Grants ProgramApplications openApplications close
Round 1, 2022-23 15 August 2022 14 October 2022 - CLOSED
Community Sponsorship Applications open Applications close
Open round Open now 28/04/2023 - CLOSED 

Download and save the guidelines and application form to your computer, read through the guidelines, complete the application in full and return to Council by the closing date.

Cook Shire Council has introduced an online application form.

Information including eligibility requirements, assessment criteria and application and approval processes can be found in the program guidelines.

It is strongly recommended you discuss your potential project with Council's grants team before submission via  or phone 4082 0500.

Already funded and looking to acquit your grant?

A requirement of all accepted grant funding from Cook Shire Council is to acquit the grant by the specified time frame.

Download and save the acquittal form to your computer, complete the details and provide any attachments and return to Council by the due date.

Find out more

For further information please contact

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