Sydney’s world-famous dino-recreationists evoke 65 million years ago with their towering 3-metre-tall Thunderbirds, against the spectacular backdrop of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. Meet the ancient creatures that are remembered in the stories of the first people of our nation. (40 minutes)

Erth_s Prehistoric Picnic.jpg

"Will you be safe from our incredible beasts?"

It’s been a while – over 65 million years, actually – since Sydney echoed to the calls and footsteps of dinosaurs. Now, thanks to Erth, Sydney’s world-famous dino-recreationists, it’s like they never left.

There’s nothing like a good bit of lawn for a dinosaur to stretch its legs and do all the things a dinosaur’s gotta do. Made to spark feelings of wonder, Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic sends the Royal Botanic Gardens back to the wilderness of a distant era.

Presented by Erth and The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust in association with Sydney Festival.

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