Physical theatre with 24 bodies and 26 voices. Performed by Gravity & Other Myths, a company that routinely eludes earth’s forces and a euphoric symphony of strength, sinew, and song, it sends humans into the air and hearts into mouths. (75 minutes)

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“The heart-starter we all need"
“Gravity defied in spectacular fashion" Sydney Morning Herald

The sheer scale of it will get you first. 22 bodies and 26 voices in a sweeping, pulsating ebb and flow of humanity. Then you’ll start to absorb the details – the expertly crafted passages of seemingly impossible levels of cooperation. The mountain of bodies crumbling into an ocean of voice in an epic yet intricate symphony of strength, sinew and haunting song. With your blood pumping and your heart in your mouth watch bodies soaring, diving, tumbling then finding centre, finding stillness, amidst chaos.

The world-renowned Australian physical theatre company Gravity & Other Myths, which brought the acclaimed Backbone to Sydney Festival in 2018, now unites with Sydney Philharmonia Choir for The Pulse. A moving choral score meets and enhances the beauty of the physical display, as this landmark work explores how we –as people, communities or clusters of particles – respond to the changes that are continually happening around us.

From the Helpmann Award-winning creative team of director Darcy Grant, lighting designer Geoff Cobham and composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix, The Pulse is a work of mighty ambition from a company that routinely eludes earth’s forces

Presented by Sydney Festival.

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