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Grants, Sponsorship and Donations

Community Small Grants Program

Council is committed to working in partnership with community organisations to further develop our region. Individuals, community groups, clubs and organisations play an important role in helping to build healthier and stronger local communities and help maintain the well-being of our residents.

The Community Small Grants Program aims to provide assistance to local community groups/organisations through:

  • Encouraging and assisting them in the development and upgrading of existing facilities.
  • Providing opportunities for the purchase of equipment, programs/websites that are integral to the operations, sustainability and growth of the group/organisation.
  • Supporting delivery of one off and new community events and workshops that strengthen and develop community identity and capacity.
  • Promoting conservation and improvement of environmental assets within the Shire.
  • Supporting opportunities for business success, economic development and economic diversity across the region through immediate, medium and long term achievements.

For more information on the Community Small Grants Program click here.

Community Sponsorship Program

The Community Sponsorship Program is designed to build relationships with community organisations to provide benefits to the Cook Shire residents and visitors by ensuring Cook Shire is a vibrant active community.

This program aims to support community organisations in Cook Shire by:

  • Providing mentoring opportunities to community organisations to strengthen their organisation;
  • Promoting community awareness and value of cultural and community events and festivals;
  • Enhancing the profile and appeal of the region and attracting new visitors to the region by a diverse events and festivals program;
  • Facilitating community interaction and stakeholder relationships with Cook Shire Council; and
  • Generating local economic activity, tourism, and development.
For more information on the Community Sponsorship Program click here.

Community Donations - amounts up to $1000

The Community Donations program aims to provide assistance to community organisations who make a positive contribution to the quality of life of the community or offer benefit to the Shire as a whole, through projects, activities and events.

The program covers requests for donations up to $1000 including:

  • Direct cash donations to community organisations
  • Requests for in-kind support using Council resource
  • Requests for prizes from Council for an event

Click here for more information about Council's Community Donations program.

Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is delivered as a partnership between Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and eligible local councils across the state.

RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers of diverse and inclusive communities and strong regions. RADF invests in local arts and cultural priorities, as determined by local communities across Queensland.

Click here for more information about the RADF program.

Council invites individuals, community groups, arts and non-arts organisations throughout the Shire to share their vision of local arts and culture. Responses may be submitted using this form or click here to complete an online survey.

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