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Charlotte Street Revitalisation Project




Charlotte Street, Cooktown from Boundary Road to Webber Esplanade/Cooktown Wharf

FUNDED BY This project is jointly funded by the Australian Government's Road to Recovery Program and the Queensland Government's Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS).

The Charlotte Street Revitalisation Project started in 2016 with the objective of reviewing the conceptual streetscape along Charlotte Street between the Boundary Street roundabout and the wharf.

The project consists of 6 stages:

Stage 1: Boundary Street intersection to Hogg Street
Surface upgrade, installation of kerbing, sealed parking bays, drainage improvements traffic lane treatments and construction of shared pathway.

Stages 2 and 3: Intersection treatments at Walker, Furneaux, Adelaide and Green Street intersections including the construction of kerb outstands, traffic media islands, kerb ramps, signage and line markings

Stage 4: Banks Street to Seaview Hotel
Surface upgrade to seal

Stage 5: Cooktown Wharf and Waterfront area 
To upgrade the Wharf and Waterfront area improving the safety footprint and functionality to accommodate the community as well as the beatification works required to sustain the tourism industry 

Stage 6: Sherrin Esplanade from Furneaux Street-Adelaide Street to Charlotte Street
Surface upgrade to seal, installation of kerbing, sealed parking bays, drainage improvements traffic lane treatments, signage and line marking, and construction of shared pathway.

Charlotte St Revitalisation overview updated 2022


Provide continuity in treatment along the length of Charlotte Street, preserving the street's wide open streetscape and providing increased parking capacity. Community consultation also indicated clear direction for a shared path and/or bike lanes to Charlotte Street to an Adelaide Street alignment with linking connections back to Charlotte Street. 


Stage 1: Complete

Stage 2: Complete

Stage 3: Complete

Stage 4: Complete 

Stage 5: In progress

Stage 6: In progress


The first community consultation session (Session 1) was held in November 2016. Taking on board feedback from Session 1, a second set of concept plans was completed and provided at a second community consultation session (Session 2) in June 2017. Further to the two community consultation sessions a feedback summary was collated to inform the finalisation of the Charlotte Street concept plans. With the final design of the wharf precinct tie-in to the waterfront determined in 2018, final concept plans are now completed.

To view a complete summary, including feedback from sessions 1 and 2, the original concept plan, and the second iteration click here.

To view the most recent design plans, click here (please note these plans are still subject to change).

Click here to view design concept for Stage 5 works at the Cooktown Wharf Precinct.

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