Regional Arts Development Fund

2016-17 Round 2 applications closed on Friday, March 10 2017. 

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is delivered as a partnership between Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and eligible local councils across the state.

RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers of diverse and inclusive communities and strong regions. RADF invests in local arts and cultural priorities, as determined by local communities across Queensland.

RADF objectives are to support arts and cultural activities that:

  • Provide public value for Queensland communities;
  • Build local cultural capacity, cultural innovation and community pride; and
  • Deliver Queensland Government's objectives for the community.

From 2016, Council will deliver a locally tailored RADF program based on the identified priorities, opportunities and capacities of our local communities. 

Local priorities are identified through community consultation, specifically the Arts and Culture Survey. Responses may be submitted using this form to Council's Arts and Culture Officer, or click here to complete and online survey.

For 2016-17, locally identified priorities are:

  • Activities for Youth: Arts and cultural activities, specifically workshops, for children and young adults.
  • Indigenous Arts and Culture: Inclusive indigenous activities and promotion and support of indigenous arts and culture.
  • Variety: variety in activities specifically performing arts, music and dance.

Projects that support these areas will be given preference during assessment by Council's RADF Committee.

Previously Funded RADF Projects

RADF 2014-15 Round 2 Grant Recipients

RADF 2014-15 Round 3 Grant Recipients

RADF 2015-16 Grant Recipients

2016-2017 Grant Rounds

  • Round One, 2016-17 closes Friday, October 21, 2016
  • Round Two, 2016-17 closes Friday, March 10, 2017.
  • A third round may be held subject to the availability of funds.

How to Apply

Cook Shire Council has introduced new guidelines, application forms, grant assessment processes and acquittal requirements. It is strongly recommended you discuss your potential RADF project with Council's RADF Liaison Officer before submission via mail@cook.qld.gov.au or on 4069 5444.

Information including elegibility requirements, funding categories, assessment criteria and application and approval processes can be found on Council's RADF Guidelines and Application Form below.

Example of a Completed Grant

Please find below an example of a completed RADF grant application form and requested support material, not including letters of support.

Example Completed RADF Application.


Click on the links below to download the relevant form.

RADF Guidelines

RADF Application Form

RADF Professional and Emerging Artists Eligibility Checklist

RADF Acknowledgement Guidelines

RADF Feedback Form

RADF Committee

The RADF Committee assists the delivery of Arts Queensland and Council investment by voluntarily promoting the program and assessing and providing recommendations to Council on grant applications. Cook Shire Council is currently seeking nominations for its RADF Committee. Further information on the RADF Committee and responsibilities of members is available on the RADF Committee Nomination Form. 

For further information

For further information please contact Council's Arts and Culture Officer on 4069 5444 or email mail@cook.qld.gov.au