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Tenders and Contracts

Current tenders and submissions

Disclosure of contracts > $200,000

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Under the Local Government Act, Council is required to put contracts worth more than $200,000 out to tender.

Due to Cook Shire's commitment to open and effective competition, we will regularly call for tenders on projects of lesser value to ensure the best contractor is sourced, locally where possible.

Council strongly supports suppliers who reside within the Shire and is prepared to give due consideration where supply is offered, quality is commensurate with other suppliers and price is realistic after delivery is accounted for.  A 10% price variance is considered acceptable when considering local suppliers.

Tender application process and conditions

Each tender must be submitted in hard copy, executed, typed, single sided and in a sealed envelope, addressed to:

Cook Shire Council
Chief Executive Officer
[Tender name and number]
PO Box 3
Cooktown Qld 4895

Each tender must be clearly marked with the number and title of the tender as shown on the front cover of the Conditions of Tender.

Tenders submitted in person or by mail will remain unopened where clearly marked with the tender name and number, and will be deposited in Tender Box.

Tenderers must ensure they select a method of delivery that allows for receipt of the Tender by the specified closing time.  It is not sufficient that the Tender be posted by the closing time.

All tenders must be in the Tender Box at the Cook Shire Council administration building, 10 Furneaux Street, Cooktown, by the closing time indicated on the relevant tender.

Late tenders may be deemed non-conforming.  

Cook Shire Council reserves the right to submit an in-house tender.

No verbal advice is to be provided in addition to the tender document(s).  Any changes to the tender documents will be issued in writing as an Addendum.  Tenders submitted based on verbal advice may be deemed non-conforming. 


  • Tenders will be subject to the Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009.
  • All information submitted in a tender, inclusive of pricing, may be publicised through the minuting of meetings hosted by the Council.  Where a tender does not go to Council that same information may be released at the discretion of the Council.
  • In compliance with legislative requirements, Council is required to publish details of all contracts over $200,000 on its website and in the customer service area. 

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