Council Meetings Council Meetings

Council Meetings

Meetings of Council are an integral part of the planning, policy and decision making process of Council.
  • Ordinary Meetings of Council are held monthly on the third Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each month.  
  • Planning and Environment Committee Meetings are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday of each month as required.
Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, 10 Furneaux Street, Cooktown, QLD 4895 (unless otherwise advertised) and are open to members of the public.
All Councillors, acting as the Council, attend Council meetings. The Chief Executive Officer and members of the Executive Management Team or relevant Council Officers also attend the meetings to provide information or advice when called upon by the Council.

Regular meetings of Council are called 'Ordinary Meetings'.  'Special Meetings' of Council may also be called to enable it to discuss and decide upon specific matters, eg the Budget.


To view agendas for Council meetings held prior to July 2016, click here. To view minutes of Council meetings held prior to July 2016, click here.

Meeting dates, previous minutes and previous agendas

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Further information

Local government plays an important role in community governance.  Follow this link to explain how Councils fit into government in Australia, what councils do, who works for councils, and how our work is funded.

 To find out further information or if you have any enquiries about Council meetings and agendas please contact the Executive Assistant on 07 4069 5444 or via email.